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Textilene Outdoor Fabric
Textilene fabric can be applied to make rattan-woven like chairs for outdoor use. Besides jacquard curtains, Textilene fabrics are excellent materials for blind and other applications. Fabric comprised of extrusion coated Textilene PVC yarns that are then woven and finished in a variety of constructions. Textilene fabrics are woven from extrusion coated PVC yarns utilizing a polyester core yarn. Textilene is made from polyester yarns that are individually coated with PVC, woven and heat set. This mesh fabric is unmatched for its combination of strength and beauty. Durable and long-lasting, it is ideal for applications that require high tensile strength along with breathability and flame resistance, such as umbrellas, chairs, cushions, sunscreening, fencing, windshield covers and cushion underliners. Fabric is highly resistant to rot and mildew, colorfast, easy to clean and quick drying.

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